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Content Policy

Pendulum Skyblock Content Policy

As a public Minecraft multiplayer server, players are encouraged and more than welcome to produce content of the server for personal usage & distribution, such as gameplay videos, suggestions, images/drawings/screen captures, and blog posts/write-ups.  Pendulum Skyblock also encourages the use of its assets for assisting with the presentation of the server on different platforms.

To help keep Pendulum Skyblock a friendly and welcoming server for players young and old, we ask that any content created on the server OR of the server must abide by our Content Policy.

Creators are welcome to:
  • Produce and share multimedia content on the server using online gameplay recordings or offline renders (i.e. Replay Mod).
  • Capture and share screenshots of the server using Minecraft's image capture shortcut (F2) or with a non-destructive program of the player's choice (i.e. LightShot [Universal], ShareX/Snipping Tool/Snip & Sketch [Windows], Screenshot/Grab [Mac]).
  • When available, use server staff with creative projects, such as gameplay recordings, interviews, testimonials, etc.
  • Use the Pendulum Skyblock assets (images, schematics, videos, logos, etc.) to present and/or convey the server on different platforms, in accordance with our Resource Guidelines (see below).
  • Stream gameplay of the server, live or pre-recorded, to a safe community.
  • Share the server's address (domain) with their community.
Creators are NOT welcome to:
  • Present the server in any negative or discouraged form.
    • The exception to this would be for a detailed AND constructive review and/or analysis of the server.
  • Misuse provided server assets.
  • Invite or provoke a negative ("toxic") community to join the server and/or violate server rules.
  • Be "gatekeepers" of the server and/or site.  All players are welcome to join!

Resource Guidelines

The server will provide assets for creators to use in their projects, with some custom assets available upon request.

The most important asset of any server is the logo.  It is the face and image of what the server does and promises to be.  Presentation of a server's logo should be done in a professional manner, however assets of some casual services, such as the Pendulum Skyblock logo, have relaxed rules on how they should be presented.

How the logo should be displayed:
  • In its original square ratio.
  • Downscaled using non-destructive methods to fit in a project's workspace.
  • Using the original colors.
  • Not crowded with other elements  Equivalent spacing should be maintained.
  • On top of a color that can be easily distinguished apart from the logo (purple logo on non-purple background).
  • In its original format and transparency.
How the logo shouldn't be displayed:
  • Shorter/longer on one side than the other, appearing "wide" or "tall".
  • Heavily upscaled to show large pixels or thick edges.
  • With colors and/or effects that affect the original image.
  • Packed tightly together with other elements.
  • Blending in with a background color.
  • With a white background behind the image itself (the side effect of saving as a JPEG).

Final Words

Pendulum Skyblock thanks you in advance for your cooperation with our Content Policy and for producing content on our server!  If you have any questions about our Content Policy, Resource Guidelines, assets, or the do's & dont's of content creation, please open a ticket on our Discord server, or message TheRealSimShady using the forums or on Discord: Simsnet#1754.